A new report published today (Wednesday 12 October) has revealed that a third of emission savings by 2035 must come from people changing their behaviours.

The House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee report, ‘In our hands: behaviour change for climate and environmental goals’ is the output of a committee inquiry which heard from 146 organisations across the UK.

其中包括来自企业的证据, 当地政府, 慈善机构, 智库, 还有学者, 研究人员和年轻人. 十大靠谱买球平台排名环境心理学家, 洛林·惠特马什教授, 是调查的特别顾问吗, 而气候变化中心 & 社会转型副主任 Wouter Poortinga教授提供了证据.

在报告中, the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee warns that the Government's current approach to enabling behaviour change is seriously inadequate and will result in the UK failing to meet its net zero and environment targets.

The Committee found that whilst the Government has introduced some policies to help people adopt new technologies, 比如电动汽车, 这种关注没有在其他领域得到复制. There is too great a reliance on as yet undeveloped technologies to get us to net zero and a reluctance to help people cut carbon-intensive consumption.


  • learn from examples of where it enabled behaviour change, 包括在COVID-19大流行期间, and enable people to make the necessary shifts in how we 旅行, 正规买球app首页在家里吃什么,买什么,怎么使用能源
  • launch a public engagement campaign to build support for helping people adopt new technologies and reduce carbon-intensive consumption in key areas where behaviour change is required. One of the lessons from the COVID pandemic is how crucial clear communication is in building a public consensus for national action
  • help the public to reduce carbon and resource-intensive consumption in diets, 产品, 服务和旅行. The Government’s reluctance to reduce freedom of choice means we are not making the progress at the speed we need
  • 使用净零论坛, 2021年10月宣布, 解决协调问题, resourcing and responsibilities between local and central government, recognising the key role of 当地政府 in helping enable behaviour change in local communities
  • use every lever they have - including regulations and fiscal incentives and disincentives - to address the barriers which prevent changing behaviours
  • place fairness at the heart of policy design and tailor behaviour change interventions to avoid placing a burden on those who can least afford it. This could include providing financing support for low-income households as part of a national drive to improve the energy efficiency of our homes.

男爵夫人Parminter, Chair of the Environment and Climate Change Committee said: “After a summer of record temperatures, 火灾, 和软管禁令, it has never been more apparent that the twin crises of climate change and nature loss demand an immediate and sustained response.

“People power is critical to reach our environmental goals, but unless we are encouraged and enabled to change behaviours in how we 旅行, 正规买球app首页吃什么,买什么,怎么给家里供暖, 正规买球app首页无法实现这些目标. Polling shows the public is ready for leadership from the Government. People want to know how to play their part in tackling climate change and environmental damage.

“The Government’s mantra of “going with the grain of consumer choice” demonstrates a reluctance to help people cut carbon-intensive consumption. It is in a unique position to guide the public in changing their behaviours, however their approach is inadequate in the face of the urgent scale of the environmental challenge.

“The Prime Minister urgently needs to set out her vision of a country where low carbon choices and behaviours can flourish.”

演员导演 惠特马什教授, 十大靠谱买球平台排名心理学系教授, added: “The report makes clear that behaviour change is a key part of tackling climate change and other environmental problems, but that much more is needed from the Government to make this happen. The public is keen to play their part in reaching net zero and protecting biodiversity, 但他们需要支持才能做到这一点.

“规定, 经济措施, and information are all required to enable people to be greener in their food, 旅行, 能源和消费选择. These measures should be fair and implemented with the urgency needed to address the climate crisis. 很多这样的措施, 比如减少浪费和节能, 还能帮助正规买球app首页解决生活成本危机吗.”

中国科协近期报告 ‘The road to net zero: UK public preferences for low-carbon lifestyles’ presents public perceptions and preferences for changes to how we heat our homes, 正规买球app首页吃的食物, 正规买球app首页购买的产品和正规买球app首页旅行的方式. It was authored by Bath researcher and CAST Deputy Director, Christina Demski博士.

  • [应对气候变化, lifestyles must change – but the government’s reluctance to help is holding us back])(http://theconversation.com/to-address-climate-change-lifestyles-must-change-but-the-governments-reluctance-to-help-is-holding-us-back-190300) - read more from Christina Demski博士 (Bath) and Dr Stuart Capstick for 谈话 .

  • 注册参加即将到来的CAST - IPR活动 'Behaviour change for Net Zero: mobilising society to accelerate action' 将于11月7日(星期一)在线举行.下午5点,帕明特男爵夫人, IPR Director Professor Nick Pearce and 洛林·惠特马什教授.